Many corporations in Silicon Valley have some of the best employee wellness programs in the country. From nutrition enriched foods in the work place cafe to gyms on site, plus wellness education; encouraging optimal health seems like an obtainable goal.

The facts are known: Healthier employees miss less work, have better concentration and increased productivity. It therefore benefits corporations to provide an environment that fosters whole body well-being.

So why are HR and benefits departments struggling to get employees to engage in these services?

Here’s the solution!

4 Simple Ways to Address Employee Engagement

1.    Survey your employees to understand their needs and interest on valuable health topics.

Distributing a survey on current health topics will ensure that your wellness program is not just a great one, but one that focuses on your employees needs. At Doctors’ Speakers Network, we survey your employees prior to our health and wellness seminars. By doing so, your employees will be more likely to be enthusiastic about the health seminar since they were involved in the decision making process.

2.    Make sure the speakers and presenters are entertaining to your employees.

No one wants to sit through a boring, dry talk on their lunch break. Employee health and wellness programs should be interesting, enlightening and entertaining. When a speaker connects with your employees, they are more likely to use the information learned, which is the ultimate goal.

3.    If you feed them, they will come.

This is an easy issue to address that may save your company cost in the long run. Providing a simple luncheon for your employees will draw greater number to your wellness event. Plus, they will appreciate the considerate gesture. If you can’t provide an entire lunch consider providing beverages, fruits and veggies.

4.    Success builds success.

Sharing success stories makes a huge impact. When speakers, educators, and professionals have a personal story to share, it creates a peer to peer connection. It’s easy to say what employees should do to overcome their wellness concerns, however, to hear how someone has overcome similar challenges can be most encouraging.

We are happy to provide multiple success stories from HR Representatives who have hosted wellness events as well as from those who attended. Just ask!

With the New Year upon us, now is a good time to look at your company’s wellness program in a whole new light.

What are your employees wants and needs and how can they be addressed?

We are happy to provide just that!

Doctors’ Speakers Network is a not for profit, community based organization providing FREE health and wellness seminars throughout Silicon Valley. Our mission is to bring cutting edge health awareness to the workplace through a speakers roster of trained doctors. For more information contact: Call : (408) 733-1654